Happiness can extend your life & slow ageing

How friends keep us looking and feeling young

01 Jul Happiness can extend your life & slow ageing

Professor Soo Keat Khoo from the Betty Byrne Henderson Women’s Health Research Centre at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital recently completed a 10 year study into women and ageing. The longitudinal assessment of women found that while urban Brisbane women are generally ageing well, many aren’t happy as they are living isolated lives and often suffering from depression.

RBWH foundation CEO Peter Treseder said that – amongst Professor Khoo’s many clinicial findings, “one of the greatest keys to ageing well is for women to find happiness through having a purpose and staying connected with others”.

New studies show that close female relationships can help us live longer, happier and healthier lives. According to research from Flinders University, people with a high number of close friends outlive those with the least friends by 22 per cent. On average, those with a large number of close friends live to an average age of 79, compared to those without significant close friends, who lived for an average of 65 years.

And interestingly, the research showed that while relationships with children, spouses and other family members were important, they did not affect longevity in the same way that close friends do. Females are at a particular advantage in the friendship department, with close same-sex friendships offering empathy and communication that can be lacking elsewhere in their lives.

Ageing beautifully and gracefully means ageing in happiness and good health. Dr Linda and her medical team at Artisan practise a holistic approach to feeling and looking your best now – and into the future. That often means addressing stress, sleep and nutrition – as well as optimal skin care and treatment choices that impact ageing on a cellular level…not just the top layers of our skin!
The ‘What A Woman Wants’ Picnic will be held at City Hall on Saturday 8th March to celebrate International Women’s Day and raise awareness of the factors that promote healthy and happy lifestyles for women, and will feature author and journalist Frances Whiting, singer Maggie Noonan, celebrity chef Dominique Rizzo, artist Jacqui Conias, entertainers Melissa Western and Tnee Dyer and fashion designer Julie Tengdahl. For tickets, visit www.rbwhfoundation.com.au