Whether you just feel like a change or you want to tackle a specific concern, we have a product range to optimise your skin’s health.

Book a complimentary skin consultation with one of our experienced skin technicians for a full skin assessment. They can create a tailored skincare program with you to suit your needs and your rejuvenation goals.

DMK believes that we all have potential for beautiful skin but sometimes factors such as environmental elements, aging and pollution, can cause the skin to age prematurely. DMK understands that if the skin functions well on the inside it dmk productswill appear healthy and beautiful on the outside, so, unlike other products, DMKs product range is designed to work deep below the skin’s surface to encourage it to function optimally.

DMK works to remove, rebuild, protect & maintain with their botanical-based paramedical products. Find out more about DMK’s philosophy here:

Obagi is a prescription-only, highly effective skin care system that compliments Artisan’s existing range of non invasive solutions for a healthy complexion. Obagi’s scientifically proven approach transforms pigmented, dull,  bumpy, lined or sun damaged skin. It is the #1 paramedical skin care system in the US, prescribed by doctors more than any other range. Obagi contains medical grade levels of active ingredients and is prescribed by Dr Linda, in conjunction with a skin consultation, to tailor a plan to meet your specific skin goals. If you suffer from melasma, pigmentation, dryness or uneven skin tone, Obagi offers an affordable, easy and proven way to achieve beautifully even, healthy and glowing skin. See how your skin could look after being treated to the Obagi system by clicking here to try the Obagi Virtual Transformation.

For more information about Obagi, click here.