• Restore a creamy complexion to any area that displays signs of pigmentation or sun damage with this Pulsed Light Treatment.
  • Get rid of a V-neck shape of pigmentation and redness on the décolletage
  • Remove unwanted pigmentation or freckles on the face & neck
  • Treat unsightly sun spots on your hands and arms


  • Draw out and lift away stubborn pigment with our Pro Alpha 6 Layer Peel program by DMK.
  • Restore an even skin tone to the face neck and décolletage
  • Revise older, damaged skin by lifting away layers of accumulated sun damage


  • Treat existing pigmentation and prevent more from forming
  • Our paramedical skincare ranges are exclusively available for purchase from clinics like ours with practicing physicians. You won’t find the same quality of active ingredients in products from department stores or beauty salons
  • Reduce the appearance of pigmentation with our prescriptive pigment inhibitor
  • Invest in a Vitamin C serum to help inhibit unwanted pigmentation


  • Brighten a dull or mottled complexion with this antioxidant-infused peel
  • Remove dead skin cell build up that causes your skin your skin to appear dull or dirty
  • Restore a healthy glow to your skin for a special occasion