• Ensures optimal functionality deep within the skin so that it appears fresh and healthy on the outside
  • Increased blood flow reduces inflammation and stimulates the healing process, minimising blemishes and preventing scarring
  • Enzymes remove toxins from the epidermis using a process called reverse osmosis
  • Impurities are drawn out from the skin
  • Antioxidants fight corrosive free radicals


  • Have glowing skin in preparation for an event or holiday
  • Similar results to microdermabrasion without the discomfort, down time or cost
  • Infuses skin with antioxidants to hydrate and plump for an instant pickup
  • Cleanses blocked pores, extracts blemishes & exfoliates to remove congestion and dead skin cells


  • This 20% salicylic acid peel removes dead skin cell build-up, allowing your plump, healthy skin cells to show
  • Dissolve blockages within pores for a clean, clear complexion
  • Remove dead skin cell build up that causes congestion and breakouts


  • Obagi Medical & DMK are two product ranges that are stocked exclusively by medical clinics like ours – you won’t find the same quality of ingredients in products from department stores and beauty salons
  • Maintain your in-clinic treatment results with the right homecare
  • Don’t strip your skin of its natural oils with harsh products