Skin Revision

13 Jun Skin Revision

Of all the facial changes we experience over the years, a dull, dehydrated or lifeless complexion is an extremely common concern that reminds us all of the aging process. Thankfully, Artisan offers a range of results-driven treatments and product ranges that can exfoliate, refine, strengthen and nourish the skin to get you on the right path towards restoring the fresh, dewy skin you’ve been dreaming of.

Our qualified skin technicians will analyse your skin, and develop a tailored treatment regime with you to suit your lifestyle and your skin’s needs. Your skin revision plan could include some of these product ranges and treatments:


DMK’s revolutionary skincare system combines state of the art botanical science with innovative technology to create on e of the most advanced skincare programs available. Unlike other skincare systems DMK’s paramedical products work deep below the skin’s surface to deliver superior revision for optimal skin health.

DMK offers a range of prescriptive homecare products and professional in-clinic treatments that work synergistically to improve the overall skin function on the inside so that it can appear fresh and healthy on the outside.

  • DMK ENZYME FACIALEnzyme_Facebook_Post_Image

A paramedical facial mask that uses enzymatic formulations to remove dead skin cells & toxins from the epidermis, encourage new collagen & elastin formation and deliver antioxidants for a cleaner, firmer and healthier complexion.


The DMK Muscle Banding technique can be incorporated into the Enzyme Facial to additionally stimulate the underlying structures of the skin in order to tighten and fir m the complexion – the result is a toned, healthy and youthful appearance.


An advanced resurfacing program that utilises a professional peel solution containing an exclusive blend of AHA’s and BHA’s, tailored to suit your skin type. This solution is applied in layers to revise dull, thick, sun damaged, lined or uneven textured skin to reveal a smooth, bright and youthful complexion.






The HydraFacial treatment is like an advanced microdermabrasion in a convenient 20-30 minute appointment and without down time.

It is particularly effective because it combines the benefits of deep cleansing and exfoliation with an additional infusion of some of the most powerful antioxidants with HydraFacial’s state-of-the-art nutrient infusion technology to increase the s  kin’s uptake of essential nutrients.

Each HydraFacial treatment delivers a nourishing serum to the skin infused with a unique blend of anti-oxidants, peptides and hyaluronic acids which work to fight free radicals, rid the skin from impurities and keep it fresh, plump and hydrated.

hydrafacial photo during treatmentHydraFacial results are comparable to those achieved from more aggressive treatments – but without the same level of skin irritation, and without downtime.

Many patients have a HydraFacial to freshen and hydrate their complexion before a special occasion. While others have treatments once a month to maintain healthy skin all year round. The HydraFacial will cleanse your skin free from impurities and give you nourishment and hydration to leave you with a bright, plump and dewy complexion.


OBAGI MEDICALObagi NuDerm before and after brisbane cosmetic clinic

Obagi is a prescription-only, highly effective skin care system that compliments Artisan’s results-oriented approach to skincare. They are the #1 physician-dispensed skin care brand in the US- known for their transformative approach to skin re
vision. Obagi offers a range of clinically proven skincare systems designed to deliver the results you expect from your skincare range.  So no matter what your age or your skin concern, Obagi has a product range to suit your skincare needs.

Because Obagi is a prescription only product range, its products contain medical grade levels of active ingredients that you won’t find in products from department stores or beauty salons. In a complimentary consultation with one of our experienced skin technicians, they will assess your skin, tailor a homecare regime and recommend an Obagi range that suits your skin type and lifestyle. The Obagi skincare system can address skin concerns such as mild to severe pigmentation, uneven skin tone, fine lines and wrinkles, dryness, congestion and even acne.

Obagi offers an affordable, effective and clinically proven way to achieve beautiful healthy and glowing skin.


Does your skin – and confidence – suffer from a dull or lifeless complexion, fine lines and wrinkles or congestion? Or maybe it just doesn’t feel as healthy and glowing as it did in years gone by. Obagi Medical also offers The Obagi Radiance Peel as a convenient solution to help correct a variety of skin conditions. The peel contains a unique blend of salicylic acids that effectively exfoliate dead skin cell build-up which can clog up your skin and make it look dull or tired. The result is fresh, clean skin and a bright, dewy complexion.BM570_Beautiful-Skin-Start_EFA_AW



Improving gut function, stress management, and hormonal support all play a vital role in improving the function of your skin and overall appearance. Metagenics, Panaxea and DMK Nutritional supplements for healthy ageing provide evidence-based natural medicine to support Artisan’s holistic approach to optimal health and aging.