New Years Skin Resolutions

13 Jan New Years Skin Resolutions

Begin the new year feeling and looking your best with the top science-based treatments your Artisan team members love…

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I personally start each year with my own Beauty Plan; the same kind of ‘journey’ plan that I create for my clients. Rather than favouring just one kind of injectable product, I consider them all – as an artist would look at their paint palate. This approach creates more natural, believable and sustainable results. For me, a range of well-selected injectables – expertly placed – work together beautifully, to achieve a more rejuvenated and fresher appearance.

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My favourite skin-recharger at this time of year is DMK’s Herbal Pigment Oil, used alongside the Herb & Mineral Mist, for reducing dark circles under the eyes. (Trick of the trade: this product is also fabulous for dry areas such as elbow and knees etc.) I’ll also be having plenty of quick peels to create a flawless complexion in the coming months, leading up to my wedding.

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I’m starting the year by blasting away all that festive food and indulgence with CoolSculpting. I’m particularly excited to be heading off to the ‘University of CoolSculpting’ in San Fransisco to undertake a specialist program, where I will learn the latest techniues in non surgical body sculpting, making Artisan one of the most credentialed clinics in Australia.

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I swear by pulsed light facial rejuvenation at this time of year. After 15 years of working in cosmetic medicine, pulsed light has been the stand out treatment for me in skin transformation. Visible, quick results that are naturally created by stimulating the body’s own responses. It’s perfect for summer as it targets pigmentation, sun damage, rosacea and general skin renewal.

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I am a Hydrafacial addict; it takes 30 minutes, involves no discomfort, is better than dermabrasion and I immediately see the results. Over the festive break I also used the Danne Montague King Solar Damage gel, which is an anti inflammatory moisturiser. Great for hydration without feeling heavy, and awesome for flying. I used it daily during the holidays, over the top of my other favorite DMK products to keep my skin looking fresh and hydrated.

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I’m using the DMK Pro Amino cream with the Herb and Mineral Mist. It’s perfect for neutral skin types and the 20’s age group as a prevention combo; full of the essential ingredients necessary for the life of skin cells such as Vit C, amino acids and proteins. Throughout the fun of the festive season it has kept my skin stable and in great condition. Working in the clinic I have seen how the easy and simple preventative measures I take now will make a big difference in how my skin ages in the decades to come. 


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