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Doesn’t it feel great when people guess your age – and it’s years younger than your actual age?

Don’t worry if it hasn’t happened lately; facial changes occur over time; it’s never too late to take control of the way your skin is ageing with MyBeautyPlan. Developed by Allergan – the world leaders in wrinkle injections and dermal fillers – MyBeautyPlan is now available at Artisan Cosmetic and Rejuvenation Clinic.


Most people don’t want to look 30 years younger; they just want to look fresh, rejuvenated and healthy. If you are looking for holistic approach that aims to achieve a natural result, MyBeautyPlan is for you.


During an initial assessment, your clinician will identify areas in your face that have undergone change, and discuss possible treatments. MyBeautyPlan is more than a facial treatment plan; it’s about planning the way you look not just for today, but into the future.


MyBeautyPlan is an assessment to identify areas for improvement or enhancement of facial appearance. Your clinician will provide you with a treatment plan designed with you, to meet your goals, in a timeframe that suits you. With MyBeautyPlan, your Artisan clinician can empower you with the information you need to create an optimal journey to a confident, refreshed and rejuvenated you.

The two main signs of aging in the face are lines in the skin (wrinkles) and volume-loss (sagging). Treatments include a combination of safe and effective anti-wrinkle injections, restoring volume especially in the cheeks with natural state-of-the-art injectable fillers, and improving skin quality with medically-proven products and treatments, a healthy diet, vitamins, relaxation and a good beauty regime.

There are many wonderful things about aging, but the physical signs are sometimes the hardest to embrace.The quest for the fountain of youth can sometimes result in a less-than-natural appearance, and navigating the treatments available is confusing, time consuming and expensive. MyBeautyPlan is your customised ‘recipe’ to help you achieve your rejuvenation goals.

If you want to find out more about the changes you can make to your beauty regime now that will support optimal ageing in the future – or you want to turn back the hands of time without looking frozen, puffy or unnatural – MyBeautyPlan is your customised ‘recipe’ to help you achieve your rejuvenation goals.

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