02 Apr Lips

Cosmetic filler get enhances, rejuvenates, rehydrates and plumps the body and border of the lips. Made from a natural complex sugar molecule, recent advances now offer us a smooth, comfortable, non-lumpy gel which feels and looks natural, and moves normally with facial expressions.

It can be used to treat lip lines, volume loss, “crinkly” lips, ‘mouth frown’ and enhance the ‘cupid’s bow’ effect of youthful, healthy lips. Don’t forget the area around the mouth can also be treated to lift the corners of the mouth, tidy unwanted lines and add texture and support to the area above the lip.

The procedure takes about 20 minutes and a number of simple anaesthetic options are available to make you comfortable.

“Downtime” is usually minimal and involves minor swelling for a couple of days, and occasionally a small local bruise.

Results usually last about 6 months or longer and good hydration, healthy diet and good quality lip moisturisers are also essential elements of keeping your lips looking fabulous!