How to get beautiful lips

25 Feb How to get beautiful lips

Do you look down-mouthed, even when you’re feeling happy?

Do you notice yourself pursing your lips even when you are at ease?

Or have you ever been told you look stressed, when you actually feel OK?

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Lined, down-turned or thin lips can make us look angry, sad or severe – even when we are feeling the opposite! If you’ve noticed any of the above, our lip treatments can help you achieve a naturally refreshed look that reflects how you feel on the inside.Before and after lips

Lip fillers aren’t just used to enhance the lips, they can be used to rejuvenate around the lip area by smoothing out lines & correcting what is often referred to as a “moth-frown”. If thinning lips are you’re your concern, our lip treatments can be used to restore the lip volume you once had and provide your lips with a natural fullness, hydration and symmetry. Our internationally-renowned clinicians use the gold-standard of natural dermal fillers to give you a natural look and feel with long lasting results.Before and after lips

At Artisan we want you to love your results.  That’s why we take our clients through a comprehensive consultation with one of our qualified cosmetic injectors – enabling us to completely understand your concerns and your desired outcome. The result can be as subtle or dramatic as you desire. Your cosmetic practitioner will customise a treatment plan specific to your rejuvenation goals.

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