In the immediate period after divorce, it often seems as though there could be very few positives to come from it. Women and men often emerge from the process feeling and looking exhausted and aged beyond their years.

But if there is a silver lining to divorce, it is the opportunity to reinvent yourself.

Each week we see people in our clinic who have come out the other end of a long term relationship or marriage. They want to feel great again, and for some, that starts with looking fresh, rejuvenated and happy. Their needs and objectives vary, but most fall into these categories:

  • I look angry, tired, old…and I feel even worse than I look! How do I reclaim the confidence and energy I once had?
  • I want to look my best so I can go out and get myself a fabulous new partner!
  • Success is the best revenge. I want to look smoking hot, so I can look in the mirror and say ‘god I look great!’

Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston exemplify this approach to adversity, looking better than ever before after their divorces.
These are the top 3 treatments chosen by the newly single:

  • Anti wrinkle injections: They’ve been bugging you for years but for many clients, post seperatation feels like a better time than any to finally treat those  frown lines & crows feet
  • Filler injections: To revolumise the lips, tear trough and cheek areas and bring life back to a tired looking complexion
  • CoolSculpting: To treat those pesky lumps and bumps that make you feel less than fabulous- start to love what you see in the mirror- it’s not too late!

Divorce can take you on a journey that can lead to a wonderful new life path of self-discovery and self-confidence.

The most important discovery is that we can do it for ourselves; whatever you change, adapt it to enrich you and your life!