Ditch the razor this summer! 4 Reasons why our hair reduction treatment is different…

13 Oct Ditch the razor this summer! 4 Reasons why our hair reduction treatment is different…

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1. Our Cutera machine is state of the art, TGA approved, with results and safety backed by decades of testing and research. We have invested in reliable, high quality technology and excellent client outcomes.

2. Cutera machine technology was created by the pioneers of light based medical devices and is the gold standard in hair reduction science.

3. Our treaments are comfortable, safe and can be used on every skin type and colour. Cutera gives us precise control over the quality and quantity of energy applied to the skin, ensuring your safety, and great results

4. At Artisan, your treaments are only administered by highly qualified and experienced skin technicians, nurses or doctors. Our team has a combined experience of over 60 years in the skin and aesthic medicine industry.

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Summer is here and before you hop on the shaving, waxing and plucking merry-go-round, consider the time, ingrown hairs and discomfort that long-lasting hair reduction could save you…

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Mens hair removal IPL laser permanent brisbane clinic

laser and IPL hair removal specialist brisbane Ingrown hairs and shaving rash looks and feels terrible in the heat of summer.

Before you take a razor to your back/chest/monobrow book a complimentary appointment with our hair removal expert Deb and find out how you can get smooth, hair-free skin now.

Email Deb info@artisanclinic.com.au or call 3852 3211.