How young is too young to have wrinkle injections?

28 Feb How young is too young to have wrinkle injections?

When a recent report by the american society of plastic surgeons showed that women in their teens and 20’s make up 30% of the five million people having muscle relaxing wrinkle injections in the United States annually, there was predictable posturing in the mainstream media: how old should you be before you start using cosmetic injections – and should they be used on young people before deep wrinkles even start forming? But medical professionals in Brisbane use cosmetic injections for more than just wrinkle removal.

Why do young people have muscle relaxing and dermal filler injections?

  • Hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating)
  • Correcting facial asymmetry due to nerve damage, trauma or surgery
  • Lifting drooping / flat eyebrows
  • Non surgical rhinoplasty and nose reshaping to correct lumps, bumps or post operative deficits
  • Overactive and prominent masseter (chewing muscles that can make the sides of the cheeks appear enlarged)
  • Gummy smile; where the lips extend back and reveal too much of the top gum line while smiling, which can make people self-conscious about their mouth or smile.
  • Premature aging; some people have a genetic predisposition to accelerated aging and experience a drop in collagen levels and facial volume long before most people see these changes. Wrinkle injections can help make them feel less self-conscious, slow the formation of lines and reduce the appearance of existing wrinkles.

Are anti-wrinkle injectables safe for young people?

Yes; specifically, the product we use at Artisan Cosmetic and Rejuvenation Clinic is a naturally occurring substance that has been safely used on millions of people around the world for over two decades. Before being used for aesthetic purposes, this injectable product has been used for years to treat various medical conditions in adults and children (e.g. such Cerebral Palsy). It has been scientifically proven to be safe and effective.

Is prevention better than cure?

Everyone uses their face differently; some of us frown a lot, make repeated facial expressions that cause lines, or wrinkle up our noses. Cosmetic muscle relaxing injections won’t stop you from aging, but they can help soften new static lines, and slow the development of deep wrinkles. When administered by an experienced clinician as part of a holistic beauty plan, alongside a great skin care regime and strategically selected facial therapies – such as paramedical facials or pulsed light treatments – they can help to ensure your skin is in optimal condition at every stage of life.

Artisan clients in their 20’s: before and after photos

Artisan client's photos show a reshaped nose after non-surgical rhinoplasty using Juvederm filler injections

Artisan Client before and after non surgical rhinoplasty using dermal filler gel injection

Artisan client's photos before and after lip filler or lip enhancement shows beautifully plumped lips

Artisan client before and after lip enhancement using dermal filler gel injection

Artisan client's before and after photos show reduction in crows feet wrinkles when smiling

Artisan client before and after cosmetic muscle relaxing injections to open eyes & prevent crows feet

Artisan male client's before and after photos show reduction in frown lines

Artisan client before and after frown line anti-wrinkle injections