How To Create Collagen In Aging Skin

Collagen stimulating injections have replenished volume in depleted areas for a refreshed and youthful appearance

16 Mar How To Create Collagen In Aging Skin

Do you ever catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and wish you still had the facial curves and smooth skin of past years? From our early 30’s, we begin to lose collagen – and the resulting hollowing, sagging, wrinkles and loss of facial structure are key factors in facial ageing; often contributing to a depleted-looking appearance.

If the face you see in the mirror or photographs does not accurately reflect how healthy you feel on the inside, consider collagen stimulating injections; a safe, easy and gradual way of subtly restoring natural facial curves, reducing lines and creating beautiful skin at any age.

Read on to find out how collagen stimulating injections at Artisan can help rebuild your skin-confidence by activating your body’s own responses…

Before and after photos show dramatic reduction of tired looking eyes after Sculptra collagen injections with Dr Linda Williams

Artisan client before & after collagen stimulating injections


  • VOLUME LOSS: hollowing of the temples, cheeks, mouth, jawline, décolletage and under eye area where collagen and elastin have depleted
  • LINES & WRINKLES: creases and lines form where there used to be smooth, plump skin
  • BONY PROTRUSIONS: where the volume that once covered your bone structure has thinned
  • SAGGING & JOWLS: in the lower face as the effects of gravity become apparent


Collagen stimulating injections are the epitome of naturally turning back the clock, encouraging your body to gradually rebuild its own collagen that has been lost over time. Treatment is performed by an experienced doctor and with the additional comfort of anaesthetic cream.

Artisan client's photos show improved skin texture, skin tone and volume following our collagen stimulating treatment

Artisan client before and after Collagen Stimulating Injections


Visible results emerge discreetly and can last for more than 2 years, gradually giving you a more youthful looking appearance without making you look like you’ve ‘had work done’. You will notice:

  • Healthy, luminous skin condition from the collagen production
  • Natural-looking revolumised facial curves
  • Reduced lines and wrinkles


As with any medical cosmetic treatment, choosing an experienced and highly trained clinician makes the difference to your overall results. Our team draws upon over 14 years’ experience with this injectable, to help you achieve your ideal facial rejuvenation.