Freeze off fat for summer

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31 Aug Freeze off fat for summer

Our CoolSculpting clinician, Lauren, is one of Australia’s most experienced, internationally trained CoolSculpting body contouring technicians. She loves the treatment so much, she has used it in the lead up to summer to remove hard to budge abdominal and back fat. Here are Lauren’s very own ‘work-in-progress’ photos:

before and afterbefore, during and after Lauren’s CoolSculpting treatmentsbefore and after

The next step in Lauren’s CoolSculpting journey will target stubborn fat deposits on her back. The area, positioned under bra straps or shoulder blades, often prevents people from feeling comfortable in swim wear or certain clothing, where a distinct ‘bulge’ can be apparent. These deposits can respond well to CoolSculpting, usually requiring a low number of treatments to achieve a noticeably smoother silhouette. Our DualSculpting machines mean you can target back fat on its own, or in addition to other areas of your body; achieving quicker results. If you have more spare tyres, love handles or back fat than you’d like to in the lead up to summer, now is the right time to begin CoolSculpting – with each treatment taking up to 16 weeks for the final outcome to be visible.

Back fat removal


Many of our CoolSculpting clients are their ideal body weight, but still have hard-to-budge pockets of fat in areas of their body that affect their appearance and ideal shape. These people often continue their weight loss efforts, only to find that the grams come off their face – and not their unwanted fat deposits! This can cause hollowing in the cheeks and temples, and a sunken-in appearance that can accelerate the signs of aging. CoolSculpting is a great option for people who are a healthy weight, and don’t want to lose any more volume from their face.


Chill out in our luxury CoolSculpting suite and read, relax or watch TV for an hour while CoolSculpting comfortably cools your fat deposits. Selective cooling technology causes the fat cells to die.

Coolsculpting consultationIn the months following treatment, your body will naturally metabolise the dead fat cells, resulting in approximately 20% loss of fat in the treated area.

Book a complimentary consultation with Brisbane’s CoolSculpting experts by calling 3852 3211 or email and discover how you can start CoolSculpting before summer.