DMK Skin Revision

02 Apr DMK Skin Revision

Combining state of the art botanical science with innovative technology, DMK has created one of the most advanced skin care systems available. Used around the world for 40 years, DMK’s revolutionary system uses enzyme therapy to treat rosacea, pigmentation, enlarged pores and scarring – as well as the inevitable signs of aging that are particularly common in Queensland due to sun exposure.

Enzymes are nature’s biological catalyst; they work to:

  • Improve skin function and remove dead cell build up and toxins from the epidermis leaving a clearer, cleaner complexion.
  • Encourage the formation of new collagen and elastin for tighter, firmer skin.
  • Release anti-oxidants to combat corrosive free radicals that can cause premature aging.


Unlike many over-the-counter skin care programs, DMK’s revolutionary skin care system works with the underlying structure and function of the skin. By ensuring that your skin is functioning optimally in the inside, we can work to generate a healthy, clear complexion that is reflected on the outside.

DMK’s comprehensive 4-step approach, Remove – Rebuild – Protect – Maintain, underpins every prescribed DMK treatment program, with the goal of restoring your skin to the point of optimal functionality.


  • Remove – Excess of dead skin cell build-up contributes to the appearance of wrinkles, dull or uneven skin tone, sun damage and congestion. DMK’s treatments use enzyme therapy to help draw out impurities and to digest dead cell material.
  • Rebuild – Skin cell production is a natural process, but sometimes environmental factors can disrupt the healthy production of skin cells. DMK’s specific formula is designed to normalise skin cell production and restore the skin’s natural moisture barrier- the acid mantle.
  • Protect – Free radicals from pollution, diet and UV rays can all lead to premature aging.  DMK uses powerful antioxidants to protect the skin from these free radicals to prevent the skin from deteriorating prematurely.
  • Maintain – DMK’s home prescriptive products provide clients with a lifelong skin management system. They work to maintain your skin between professional treatments and to prolong their results. DMK’S unique trans-dermal delivery system allows pure and active ingredients to be delivered deep below the skin’s surface to supply a source of essential nutrients.

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DMK skin care programs include a range of unique enzymatic formulations that work synergistically with the skin rather than merely sitting on top of it. Regardless of your age, gender or skin condition, DMK offers an effective program for all skin types. Through restoring optimal skin function – the key to healthy, youthful skin – DMK enzyme formulas provide truly effective skin revision.


The 6-Layer Peel is an effective resurfacing procedure for those wanting dramatic results. Using a complex blend of natural plant and fruit sugar acids, the treatment removes dead skin cells and instigates collagen development. It is considered to have a similar effect to superficial laser treatments or medical peels without the risk of trauma, long convalescence or possible contra-indications. The 6-Layer Peel can revise dull, thick, sun damaged, lined or uneven textured skin to reveal a smooth, bright and youthful complexion.


DMK’s unique enzymatic formulation is designed to remove debris and dead cell build up from the skin to reduce scarring and prevent new acne from forming. Acneic skin types tend to turn over skin cells too quickly, DMK’s enzyme therapy will help to regulate the skin cell turnover to a healthy rate. The Klear Collection is DMK’s product range designed for both adults and teenagers who suffer from mild to severe breakouts. The range steers clear from stripping ingredients like Benzoyl Peroxide and instead utilizes various herbal extracts to regulate the dysfunctions that contribute to acne. By revising the redness and inflammation within the skin, as well as hydrating, this range is designed to clear up acne fast.

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Don’t let travel take a toll on your skin; our DMK Essentials will help you maintain radiant, holiday skin. DMK offers a selected range of compact products convenient for those on the go. Available separately or in a four-product pack, they are an affordable alternative for new clients who would like to try the DMK Home Prescriptives range and for existing clients who like the convenience of a portable travel pack.

When results are required, we aim to work with you every step of the way.