Smooth Wrinkles and Replace Volume

What can cosmetic injections do for me?

Cosmetic injections are a popular and safe way to soften lines & wrinkles and to replace volume. They can also be used to enhance certain facial features for a more aesthetically pleasing look. Cosmetic rejuvenation doesn’t have to be noticeable. In fact, if cosmetic treatments are done well by a trained professional, a naturally refreshed look can be achieved. The kind of look that will have your family and friends saying ‘you’re looking well’ (but they don’t have to know why!).

Do you notice unflattering lines around the eyes, forehead or mouth? Anti-wrinkle cosmetic injections can relax wrinkle-causing muscles for a refreshed look. Your experienced Artisan clinician can tailor your anti-wrinkle treatment to improve frown lines, forehead lines and crow’s feet. Anti-wrinkle treatments can also reduce sweating, improve a ‘gummy smile’, give an eyebrow lift and tighten the neck area.

Are your facial features not as plump or as full as you’d like? Or do you notice strong lines, folds, volume loss or sagging? Dermal filler is a smooth injectable gel that can be used to restore volume to various areas of the face for beautiful facial contours. Your Artisan clinician can inject dermal filler under the skin to replace lost volume or to enhance facial features like the lips and cheeks.

Artisan client's before and after photos show rejuvenated appearance after having cosmetic filler injectables
Collagen stimulating injections have replenished volume in depleted areas for a refreshed and youthful appearance

Collagen stimulating injections are another safe & effective way to replace lost facial volume. They stimulate your skin to create more collagen. Because your skin is gradually producing its own collagen, results are incredibly natural-looking. Your Artisan Doctor can administer collagen stimulating injections to create a healthy fullness to the cheeks, temples & jawline.

Would you like more lip volume? Or do you have a lip shape that you’d like to change slightly? Our super-soft dermal filler gel injections can correct shape imbalances and provide natural-looking fullness to the lips.


Artisan is proud to offer our clients quality treatments using dermal filler gels from the world’s leading supplier. We find that this filler gives our clients the most long-lasting and natural-looking results with a smooth feel that they love.

Artisan client's photos before and after lip filler or lip enhancement shows beautifully plumped lips
Artisan client's photos show a reshaped nose after non-surgical rhinoplasty using Juvederm filler injections

Have you ever considered a nose job or chin enhancement surgery? You might be able to achieve the results you want without going under the knife.


Our advanced Doctors can inject dermal fillers to smooth bumps on your nose for a more appealing shape. We can also improve a receding or undefined chin by creating structure and volume in the area. Dermal filler treatments take approximately 30 minutes with immediate results that can last up to 18 months. Wouldn’t that be easier than having surgery? (You’re welcome!)