8 Questions about cosmetic anti-aging wrinkle injections

06 Jul 8 Questions about cosmetic anti-aging wrinkle injections

Anti aging cosmetic injections have been used by millions of people around the world over the past two decades, but myths, misnomers and confusion still surrounds them; even for many people who regularly use them.

Artisan Cosmetic and Rejuvenation Clinic medical director, Dr Linda Williams, is one of Brisbane’s most longstanding, experienced cosmetic medical practitioners. After over 14 years working in cutting edge anti aging therapies, she answers eight of the most common questions she gets asked in her Fortitude Valley clinic:


1) Will people think I look different or ‘fake’?

Wrinkle injections can look as dramatic or as subtle as the client desires, but best practice is to achieve a believable, natural result that simply makes the patient look refreshed and rejuvenated – not immobile! Artisan specialises in techniques that make people think our clients look well rested, taken care of and happy, rather than overdone or fake.

2) Does it hurt?

Most people liken anti-wrinkle injections to having their skin momentarily pinched by a pair of tweezers. We find that a phobia of needles is one of the most common factors that deters people from having wrinkle injections. It’s a relief to hear the majority of patients tell us that their treatment experience was far less painful than anticipated. Our team of injectors are highly qualified and experienced so you can rest easy knowing that you’re in very capable hands. We do our very best to ensure that our patients’ experience is a pleasant one.

3) Why doesn’t Artisan advertise how much it costs?

Like any medical treatment, you get what you pay for; your overall outcome will be dependent upon your clinician’s expertise and experience. At Artisan, we don’t cut corners in order to provide cut-price injectables; we’d rather spend the extra time with you so that we get your treatment just right and you are happy with your results. We also prefer to use the world’s leading muscle relaxant injections (which we can’t name due to industry regulations) to ensure longevity and a natural look for our patients.

Our treatments are only ever performed by one of our experienced Doctors or our Practice Nurse who are all highly qualified. Our whole team of cosmetic injectors uphold best-practice standards and are experienced in ‘natural look’ injecting techniques to achieve the most natural looking & refreshed appearance for you. We don’t offer cheap injections using weaker per-unit products or products new to the marketplace. We adhere to the industry’s highest regulations and value the time and effort taken to treat each client individually.

4) How often do you have to have injectable treatments?

Frequency can differ from person to person, but most people require a treatment every 3 or 4 months.

5) How long does it take?

For your initial consultation we allow 45 minutes as we take the time to perform a full assessment of your facial anatomy and to discuss with you your areas of concern as well as your aesthetic goals. We take the time to ensure we completely understand what bothers you and what you want to achieve so that we can tailor a treatment plan specific to YOU. Your regular anti-wrinkle treatments take approximately 15 minutes.

6) When will I see the results?

It can take up to a 10 days for the full results to be visible; but some people begin to notice a difference within 48 hours. We recommend clients have their treatment a fortnight before any special events, to ensure their best results are on show.

7) Do cosmetic injections cause a ‘frozen’ or unnatural facial appearance?

At Artisan we pride ourselves on our commitment to offering our clients specialised ‘natural look’ techniques that reflect best practice approaches to injectables. Each of our qualified Aesthetic injectors are trained and experienced in the art of injecting high quality product into specific muscles that soften and reduce lines, while maintaining mobility and expression. It is possible to reduce wrinkles without totally removing facial movement; as long as you know where to go and who to see!

8) Can muscle relaxant injections be used to enlarge lips?

People often think that the same product is used to reduce muscle activity and create a more prominent pout, but in fact they are two very different types of injectable products. Muscle relaxing injections target your facial muscles and facial dynamics to reduce lines and smooth deep wrinkles; they can also have a ‘lifting’ effect on the eyebrows, creating a beautiful arch.

Conversely, dermal filler gels are used to create volume and structure under the skin’s surface, which may have depleted over time. In this way, dermal fillers can enhance or enlarge lips. This is an increasingly popular treatment amongst people in their 20’s through to 60’s. Not only can fillers be used to plump the lips but they can also rejuvenate around the mouth to reduce ‘mouth frown’ or ‘smokers lines’ which can make us appear tense or angry even when the face is resting. The dermal filler gels we use use at Artisan are Gold-standard and from the world’s leading supplier of dermal fillers. Our clients prefer this product because it provides a natural look and feel as well as long lasting results.

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